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Learn how VBELL has helped its customers solve their needs and succeed in today’s challenging world.

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SIP Video Phone

Support SIP protocol Support H.264 Video codec 7″ Toch screen Android OS

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2016 Golden Award

2016 "YOUNG FUN" Award

Avadesign Technology’s Intercom service on the cloud got the Young Fun Golden Award in December, 2016.
The "2016 Golden Award" executed by the CISA Information Service Industry Association of Republic of China for the implementation of the "4G Smart City Achievements International Promotion Program" organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

2015 New Taipei City SBIR Plan

2015 New Taipei City SBIR plan for the industrial innovation research and development

Plan number: 104050
Plan name: The cloud service for community intercom, a new era of monthly services, is coming.
Plan execution unit: Avadesign Technology Co., Ltd.

The program provides new and old community intercom system update, to avoid the cable construction, networking, and households free investment in the purchase of indoor intercom equipment, the implementation of monthly rental service mode, households use the existing smart phone or telephone at home can answer the visitors at your door. You can see and talk with visitor and open the door.

Computex Taipei 2017

Computex Taipei 2017 is coming soon!!

Avadesin will participate in the Computex Taipei 2017 in Taipei on May 30 ~ June 3, 2017. The venue is located on the first floor of the Taipei World Trade Center. We welcome you to visit our booth D0618 and products. If you are interested please contact us. E-mail to: john@avadesign.com.tw

Secutech 2017

Secutech Taipei 2107

Secutech Taipei 2017 on April 12 to 14 at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, Avadesign Technology provides the total solution of smart home, and combined with the Internet of things, property management and all kinds of IP Video intercom, build community intercom cloud service. There are many foreign customers who come from Australia, India, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam appreciate our products and love our products.

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